No app or extra hardware needed -
loyalty cards install directly to digital wallets

Turn one-time visits into lifelong repeat customers

Boost customer loyalty and engagement effortlessly with our digital rewards program

Customize Your Rewards

Diverse cards for every business need
Reward frequent purchases with digital stamps. After a set number, customers earn a reward – perfect for coffee shops, bakeries, and more.
Allow customers to earn points on every purchase which can then be used as payment towards future transactions, encouraging repeat business.
Introduce membership levels that provide rewards based on customer spend. Ideal for businesses looking to offer premium benefits to their most loyal customers.
Implement a classic discount system with multiple levels of savings. This straightforward approach provides immediate value to customers and enhances their purchasing power.
Attract new customers and reward existing ones with digital coupons that can be redeemed at checkout. It’s a great way to introduce new products or services.
Sell prepaid certificates or passes for a set number of visits or services, which is perfect for service-based businesses like spas and salons.
At AutoReward, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a variety of loyalty card options to match the unique needs of your business and your customers:

Seamless Integration with No Extra Hardware

Install, Scan, and Reward Instantly with Our Mobile Scanner App
Equip each salesperson in your business with the app to start rewarding customers immediately. Whether it's issuing points or stamps right after a purchase, our app makes it easy.
For even smoother operations, we offer direct integration with your existing POS system, automating reward distribution. Monitor all transactional activity through shared statistics to keep your team informed and proactive.

Powerful Push Notifications, No Extra Effort
Transaction Alerts
Quality Control
Marketing Messages
Reminder Alerts
Geolocation Targeting
Custom Notifications
Instant notifications provide customers with real-time updates on their loyalty and reward status at the point of sale, enhancing transparency and trust.
An automatic push notification is sent one hour post-purchase, inviting customers to provide feedback, helping you maintain high service standards.
Send push notifications to all your customers or targeted groups directly to their eyes, boosting your marketing reach and efficiency.
Remind customers to revisit with automatic notifications sent 28 days after their last purchase. Customize the reminder schedule to suit your business strategy.
Automatically send alerts to customers within 330 feet (or 100m) of your location, encouraging spontaneous visits and purchases.
Tailor your messaging and automate notifications based on your specific needs. Unlimited possibilities for personalization and interaction.

Get Started with AutoReward in Six Simple Steps

Consultation Call
Integrate Your Systems
Promotion & Training
Program Design
All set
Connect with us for an in-depth discussion. We'll go over everything you need to know and register your business during this call.
Optionally, integrate AutoReward with your existing POS system for automated operations.
We'll discuss your specific needs, priorities, and goals to tailor the loyalty program perfectly for your business.
We'll help with printing and displaying promotional materials, and training your staff to ensure everyone is proficient with the AutoReward app and understands the loyalty program.
Based on our consultation, we'll set up various loyalty card options, customizing them with your branding and the desired rewards structure.
Launch your customized loyalty program. Start signing up customers and watch your customer engagement and retention soar.
  • Single location
  • 1 manager seat
  • 1 type of loyalty card
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited push notifications
Design & Setup
  • Initial consultation & assessment to understand your business needs
  • Custom program design tailored to your brand
  • Production of printed promotional materials to get you started
Everything in Core plus:
  • 10 manager seats
  • Unlimited card types
  • Geolocation targeting to engage customers near your business
  • Referral program to incentivize and reward customer referrals

Transparent Pricing for Every Business Size

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Everything in Pro plus:
  • POS system integration for seamless operations
  • Advanced geolocation targeting, including the ability to target competitor locations
  • Support for multiple locations with a unified dashboard to monitor data and reports from all sites
Choose the plan that best fits your needs
one-time investment
/month or
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All pricing in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Make Every Customer a Repeat Customer

Get started with AutoReward and watch your customer loyalty soar.